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The IoI hosts a yearly two-day festival, the BATTLE OF IDEAS, runs an acclaimed Sixth Form debating competition, DEBATING MATTERS, and a weekend summer university, THE ACADEMY. Read more ABOUT THE IOI

In April 2017, the IoI launched a new project, LIVING FREEDOM, a residential school in London for 18- to 25-year-olds.

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Substance over style
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Thursday 7 December

Can biotech lead an economic revolution?

Podcast: recording of the debate at the Battle of Ideas 2017.

Saturday 2 December

Is globalisation over? The future of world trade

Listen to the debate from Battle of Ideas 2017.

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in the media Monday 21 August

Why child discipline laws are hit and miss

in the media Wednesday 21 June

Lessons from the ashes of Grenfell

appearance Monday 19 June

Scotland’s unionist fightback

in the media Wednesday 31 May

Respecting the will of the people

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