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in the media Wednesday 21 June

Lessons from the ashes of Grenfell

The tragedy is the most horrific manifestation of councils' longstanding general contempt for sections of their own constituency, writes Claire Fox. READ MORE

appearance Monday 19 June

Scotland’s unionist fightback

The election result showed that Scots care more about staying in the UK than staying in the EU, writes Rob Lyons. READ MORE

in the media Wednesday 31 May

Respecting the will of the people

Misreading the newly-invigorated electorate has become far too common. The political debate has been shaken up by Brexit and the wishes of the people need to be respected, writes Claire Fox. READ MORE

in the media Monday 22 May

Jamie Oliver v Theresa May

The celebrity chef has politicised school meals - but a free lunch for schoolkids won't solve educational or social problems, writes Rob Lyons. READ MORE

appearance Thursday 6 April

Immigration: no more blaming Brussels

Rob Lyons argues that Brexit means Westminster politicians have to accept responsibility for their own policies - and the fact that they are realising the importance of immigration is a good thing. READ MORE

appearance Tuesday 4 April

Claire Fox on local reporting and council ‘freesheets’

Authorities flouting rules restricting the publication of town hall freesheets are in danger of creating their own echo chambers and undermining local democracy, as Claire Fox explains. READ MORE

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Where will we get the workers? Immigration and skills after Brexit

Wednesday 6 September, 6.45pm, Free Word Centre, London EC1R 3GA